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Knit Picks Curio crochet thread

What I learned from my year of destashing

It occurs to me that I committed to a destashing challenge last year but I never assessed how it went! I love setting goals for myself, but (in my opinion) there’s no point in setting goals if you don’t follow up to see whether you met them or not. So that’s the plan for today. […]

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Trout Lake, MI at sunset

Refinding my comfort zone

Almost as rare as a solar eclipse: Susan writes a blog post.  😉 Fun fact: You can make a pinhole camera out of just about anything, including your hand. This is last weekend’s eclipse, as experienced in Port Townsend, WA. There’s a good argument to be made that this week is the first time I’ve […]

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lopapeysa cuff being frogged

2016 retrospective

When I worked at Google, we used a system called OKRs (objectives & key results) to set goals and track our progress. I wrote a whole post about it on my old blog (it’s quite good, if I say so myself), and about why I now use the same system to set and track my personal New […]

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