The sweaters of Madrona


Posted on February 24, 2012

Last week at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival I used the time I didn’t spend taking classes to instead wander around photographing people’s sweaters. They were all very gracious about having their pictures taken. And good on them, because the garments were gorgeous! If any of these are you (or you know who they are), please let me know so I can attribute them! I wasn’t very good about asking for names.

Parcel sweater
Pattern: Parcel by Carol Feller
handknit sweater
Summit shawl
Pattern: Summit by Mandie Harrington
circle shawl
yellow handknit sweater
I’m pretty sure this pattern is Sheer Beauty by Sandra McIver. Stunning!
jazzknitting necklace
Ilisha Helfman demoed Jazzknitting in the rotunda. She made this necklace by stringing together tiny Celtic-knotted i-cords. The small number of stitches-per-row in i-cord makes it perfect for drawing out the changing colors in a handpainted yarn (an aspect of Jazzknitting).

I also got lots of compliments on the sweater I wore, which I’d just finished the week before. The best part about handcrafters is that they don’t just tell you your stuff looks “nice,” they say things like “Your seams are so invisible!” or “What a great choice of buttons!” It’s always fun to be around people who fully appreciate what went into the things you’ve made. Here’s my sweater—Helleborus Yoke, by Matthew Gnagy:

Helleborus Yoke sweater
Yarn: BMFA Twisted in ‘Muddy Bottom Breakdown’
Buttons from Seattle Yarn




February 29, 2012

What a great idea to photograph sweaters! I really like the first one. And of course, yours is awesome too! I need to buy some buttons for my CPH & I love yours so I think I’ll have to go to Seattle Yarn.

I also really liked the Jazzknitting samples. They’re gorgeous & I wish I’d seen her making some.


    Susan M.

    February 29, 2012

    Thanks! Yeah, Seattle Yarn has a nice button selection, including handmade/indie buttons and lots of kids’ buttons.


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