Sock Summit 2011 schedule


Posted on May 10, 2011

So, did you make it through Sock Summit registration with all your fingers and toes intact? Do you still have your faith in humanity? Did you get the classes you wanted?

I wasn’t present for The Great Server Crash of 2009, but personally I found registration quite straightforward this year. I was in Switzerland at the time, and turned down dinner with co-workers to sit by my computer and hit my F5 key around 9pm CEST. I was determined to heed everyone’s good advice to not overload on classes, but there was so much good stuff available that I just couldn’t help myself! Here’s my schedule:

9:00 am – Strick-ly Socks, with Candace Eisner Strick
1:30 pm – Making the Next Monkey, with Amy Singer

9:00 am –  Morphing Cables, with Fiona Ellis
2:30 pm – Arch Shaping For Toe-Up Socks, with Lana Holden

11:00 am – Tubular Bind-Off & Magical Switch, with Candace Eisner Strick
1:30 pm – Accounting for the Wooly-Minded, with Kathryn Wilson
7:00 pm – This Is Your Brain On Knitting, with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

11:00 am – Perfect Buttonholes, with Anna Zilboorg
1:30 pm – Intarsia With a Twist, with Anne Berk

I’m really looking forward to meeting Candace Eisner Strick—every time I go looking for new sock constructions her name pops up, so clearly I needed to take a couple classes from her. Also looking forward to adding arch shaping to my toolbox, and to learning intarsia in the round from Anne Berk, if such a thing really exists! At Sock Camp Stephanie & Tina couldn’t stop talking about Anna Zilboorg’s perfect buttonhole technique, so that had to go on the list. And Amy Singer’s class was on my must-have list; maybe I’ll get serious about trying to get into Knitty this year.

Of course, even with a full schedule there were still classes I wish I could’ve taken. #1 is Stephen’s Making Socks Manly class. I’d love to learn some of the ethnic heel/toe constructions, crystal heels, Austrian travelling stitches, or to take Cookie A’s design class. But, well, there are only so many hours in a weekend!

What about you? Will I see you in any of my classes? What are you really looking forward to, and what do you wish you could’ve gotten into?





May 14, 2011

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending this year. Wish I could take the buttonhole class. I saw Anna’s in person and wow! Have a great time!