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Posted on February 25, 2014

I’m in another “Let’s work on the website!” phase, and decided that I need new social media icons. Y’know, those guys at the bottom of the page that link to my Google+, Ravelry, etc. profiles?

Contact Me icons

I’ve been using the icons that came with my website theme, but they didn’t have a Ravelry icon so I had to make my own, which was pretty ghetto if you looked at it up close. (Manipulating images is not my strong point.) I also wanted to add an email subscription link, and a Pinterest link since I’ve started using Pinterest for quilt stuff. So this week I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for icon sets that would look good with my website, and that included the services I use.

The three finalists were this icon set by Kirsten of Craftiments, this icon set by HB Design, and this set by Pancake Ninja. In the end I went with the Pancake Ninja icons because I liked their aesthetic—somewhere between polished and handmade—and because the color goes perfectly with my site design.

Contact Me icons (new)

The set includes a blank icon, so I was even able to make my own Google+ icon with the help of this tutorial. If you have a favorite set of icons for crafty folks—y’know, Ravelry, Pinterest, Etsy, that sort of thing—let me know in the comments!



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