Skagit Valley Tulip Festival


Posted on April 27, 2011

tulip field

My mom visited me last week from WI and on Friday we drove up to the Skagit Valley to see their tulip festival. The weather was gorgeous and we strolled around Roozengaarde, ate hot dogs and strawberry shortcake, napped in the sun, and even hung out with some alpacas. And maybe “accidentally” stopped in at Wild Fibers in Mount Vernon (“Hey, I have to throw something away, I’m just gonna walk over there to that trash can. Oh, look, that trash can just so happens to be right in front of Wild Fibers. Clearly we should go in!”). Because, after all, what road trip is complete without a little fiber?

naptime for alpacas

I’m not particularly into plants and gardening, but the tulips were pretty impressive. There were some crazy styles I’d never seen before—big exploding poppy-looking tulips, tiny delicate ones, “fringed” petals and interesting new shapes.

I particularly enjoyed the rebellious plants who decided to do something different from what the gardeners intended:

But my favorites were the ‘Alibi’ tulips. They looked like they were just dying to be made into a colorway—dusky purple with a hint of salmon running up the center of each petal. (Are you listening, Tina? 🙂

field of daffodils Yes, that’s a field of daffodils, not tulips. Deal with it.



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