Knit Year’s resolutions, 2014


Posted on February 11, 2014

I love making New Year’s resolutions. I love fresh starts—a new school year, a new job, a blank journal—so I love using the New Year as a time to wipe away whatever happened the previous year and to start fresh with renewed purpose. A fresh start means you haven’t failed at anything yet, and the future is yours to make whatever you want of it.

New Year's Resolution Coasters by Lucky Bee Press
photo by BazaarBizarreSF

Every year I make a few personal resolutions and a few knitting resolutions. In 2013 I only had one: To knit 10 projects from stash. I love my stash, but I felt like I was buying lovely yarn and then just letting it sit there, so I really wanted to get it out and use it. I define “stash” as anything I’ve owned for more than a year. And I met my resolution: I knit 11 projects from stash, which you can see here. I think my favorites were the Happypotamus, the Feather In My Cap hat (which I’ve wanted to make for ages), and this hat for my husband.

Triptych of 2013 crafts

This year I have a few more resolutions:

  • Knit 10 projects from stash. It worked so well last year…
  • Finish 3 sweaters.
  • Fix 2 projects that I’m unhappy with.
    I have a few projects—mostly sweaters—that have a small detail out of place, like the collar or the button band. It bugs me every time I wear them, so I want to finally bite the bullet and re-knit these sections.
  • Enter something in a county or state fair.
    Who enters stuff in fairs? Have you ever entered something in a fair? It never occurred to me to do so, but I think I knit just as well as those grandmothers (or whoever these county-fair-submitters are). I’d like to see what the whole process is like, and see how my projects match up against others’.

What are your resolutions for 2014?



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