5 things I didn’t do at Sock Summit (but should have)


Posted on August 9, 2011

Tired of hearing about all the awesome stuff everyone did at Sock Summit? Here are five things I didn’t get around to doing, but wish I had!

  1. Buy yarn from Little Red Bicycle.
    Sock Summit was wonderful because I got to see so many yarns—both new, and already known to me—in person. They’re just so much better in person, aren’t they? Especially with the amazingly saturated colors that more and more people are coming up with, they just knock you out in person in a way that’s hard to replicate online. Little Red Bicycle was one of these knockouts that was new to me. Gorgeous, saturated semi-solids. Her Etsy shop is pretty empty right now but you can check out her colors on Ravelry. It’s not like I need more sock yarn, but oh, what couldn’t I do with a skein of Penny Farthing Sock in gorgeous green Cthulhu…

    Little Red Bicycle Hipster Sock yarn
    photo © bioartist

  2. Buy yarn from Hazel Knits.
    I already knew I loved Hazel Knits. Did you see that Clara Parkes, the yarn-review guru, compared Hazel Knits’ Piquant Lite to Wollmeise? I’ve taken her yarn a little for granted, though, knowing she’s local to me and her yarn is available in several LYSs in the area. So I didn’t get any at the Summit, preferring instead to check out dyers I hadn’t seen before. But now, a week later, I have a new design in my head and am ordering from her online (d’oh)! Did you know she sells quarter-skeins (100 yards) of her Artisan Sock yarn? Perfect for contrasting heels and toes, or a sock with just a touch of colorwork (hint, hint).
  3. Stop by the Cooperative Press booth.
    I meant to say hi to the lovely and talented Stephannie Tallent who was floating around the booth (hi, Steph!). And to learn a little more about what Cooperative Press does, and how they do it. Because, y’know, I might just have an idea for a book floating around in the back of my head… and if I ever wanted to do something with that idea, it would be nice to, y’know, know some people…
  4. Browse the Sock Museum.
    For those who weren’t there, the center of the Marketplace was filled with tables full of socks with historical significance or iconic status. Think reproductions of socks from the 1100’s, or the first ever photographed colorwork socks, up through modern classics like Monkey and Jaywalker, with explanations of their importance to the sock-knitting world. You can see many of them in the Sock Museum online, but like I said, isn’t fiber just better in person?
  5. Dance in a flash mob.
    …Oh, wait, I did do that! I’m so smart! Wanna see it again? You can even see me in this version—I’m wearing a purple dress with jeans and my hair is up in a ponytail. I’m in the bottom left corner of the still-shot below.  🙂  Time of our lives, baby!





August 9, 2011

Missed you too!



August 9, 2011

omg, your hair looks so cute!
p.s. Hi Stephannie 😉


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