Susan Moskwa

Hi! I’m Susan Moskwa. This is my site.

Over the years I’ve been a just-for-fun crafter, a knitwear designer, and a tech editor for knitting and crochet patterns. This site started as a place to advertise my designs and services. But lately I’ve returned to working full-time (y’know, at one of those “real” jobs that adults are supposed to have), so I’m doing less “professional” crafting work. I’ve also been bitten by the quilting bug, so now I have fabric-related things to share as well as yarn-related things. My vision for this site was originally very focused—knitting, crochet, keep it on-topic—but as my interests change and grow, I think it’s time for the site to, too. If it seems a little scattered, that’s why: like me, it’s a work in progress.

My crafting history:

  • 1994: Learned to crochet.
  • 2003: Learned to knit.
  • 2008: Went to my first crafting circle/meetup. Got introduced to Ravelry. Outgrew my rectangles phase (scarves & blankets) and made my first 3-D project. Started knitting or crocheting pretty much every day.
  • 2009: Published my first pattern, Karo Socken.
  • 2010 – 2013: Edited knitting & crochet patterns.
  • 2013: Learned to quilt.

Some friends & mentors:

  • Seattle’s NorthEnd Knitters introduced me to Ravelry and encouraged me to be confident and try new projects. Through them I learned that I could knit pretty much anything if I just followed the instructions.
  • Samantha Roshak (a.k.a. KnitQuest) first inspired me to design, and got me started with pattern editing. I owe a lot to her, including the idea that this was something I could do in the first place.
  • Style maven Kathy Cadigan photographs knitwear with a skill I can only dream of. She’s also good at creating unexpected adventures.
  • The West Seattle Needlers and Redmond Knitters are my friendly local knitting groups. Feel free to drop by if you’re ever in Seattle!
  • The West Seattle Fabric Company has great sewing and quilting classes that will get you hooked.