Susan with cat

Hi! I’m Susan Moskwa. This is my site.

Over the years I’ve been a just-for-fun crafter, a knitwear designer, and a tech editor for knitting and crochet patterns. This site started as a place to advertise my craft work, and my vision was very focused: knitting, crochet, keep it on-topic. But as my interests change and grow, I think it’s time for the site to, too. It’s still primarily about crafting; but, like me, it’s also a work in progress.

My crafting history:

  • 1994: Learned to crochet.
  • 2003: Learned to knit.
  • 2008: Went to my first crafting circle/meetup. Got introduced to Ravelry. Outgrew my rectangles phase (scarves & blankets) and made my first 3-D project. Started knitting or crocheting pretty much every day.
  • 2009: Published my first pattern, Karo Socken.
  • 2010: Started editing knitting & crochet patterns.
  • 2013: Learned to quilt.

Some friends & mentors:

  • Tolt Yarn and Wool is the nexus of my current knitting community. They’ve created a gorgeous shop full of rustic, conscientiously sourced wool and warm, friendly people. Stop by if you’re ever in the Seattle region!
  • Seattle’s NorthEnd Knitters introduced me to Ravelry and encouraged me to be confident and try new projects. Through them I learned that I could knit pretty much anything if I just followed the instructions.
  • Samantha Roshak (a.k.a. KnitQuest) first inspired me to design, and got me started with pattern editing. I owe a lot to her, including the idea that this was something I could do in the first place.
  • Style maven Kathy Cadigan photographs knitwear with a skill I can only dream of. She’s also good at creating unexpected adventures.